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Fight Fear: Out Now!


Heavy, driving guitar riffs, electronic instruments and provocative lyrics; an aggressive yet melodic sound with elements of dark pop. Fans of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and similar will feel at home, whilst the overall music's diversity crosses many genres.

Starting off as a solo project of Paul Abrey's in 2013, the Pretty Fragile has evolved into a 3 piece Industrial force to be reckoned with; Catching metal fans off guard across the South West of England with their individual, nostalgia-inducing niche within the local scene.
Focusing on the aesthetics both musically and on stage the Pretty Fragile are not afraid away from the norm and in to the what could be. The latest singles “Absorb Aggression” and "Fight Fear" is the perfect snapshot of how the band has evolved from the debut album “Cold Skin” and an insight in to what’s to come...

Music for the provocatively inclined


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